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OS Series


  • Off-line oil removing device separating oil and capturing contaminants simultaneously.
  • Based on our 2-stage coalescent oil removal principle, it collects all the floating oil from water based fluids.
  • Typical use for removing oil from washing fluids.
  • The units are equipped with automatic oil sensor and oil drain function.
  • Maintains the NAS grade of the fluid.
  • Reduces the amount of waste fluid dramatically.
OS Series
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Model OS-3OS10-3PF20-AD OS-6OS10-6PF20-AD OS-6OS20-6PF30-AD
Article nr. 17300 17360 17400
Flow rate l/min 15 30 60
Max temp for operation 80°C 80°C 80°C
Pre-filter 22289x3pcs 22289x6pcs 22140x6pcs
OS-filter 26500x3pcs 26500x6pcs 26500x12pcs
Dimension mm W450xL895xH1435 W560xL1125xH1193 W560xL1010xH1459
Weight (dry) 110kg 130kg 140kg



Application example

* Before
Parts cleaning machines degrease and flush dusts.
It is required to clean tanks and to change alkali cleaning fluid every 2 months (200L) due to the contamination with oil and dusts.
The cost to treat the waste fluid is 40,000 yen (US$400).
When it is close to the fluid-change due date, they have a number of uncleaned parts (defectives).

Benefits with RRR system
It is required to clean tanks and to change cleaning fluid only once per 6 months.
You are able to filter and recycle the used process oil by mixing with new oil.
The new oil you need to refill for the consumed oil at the machine process is one-third of the pre-application of RRR systems.

Filter change:
OS-Oil Separator (22289 x 1, 26500 x 3): once per 2 months
WS-WD-AD (25470 x 1, 20101 x 1): once a year
SE-100N-YT (20000 x 1): once per 2 months
Recycling: 30L of oil every week

Water-base Cleaning machines with only one type of contaminating oil.